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As always, and especially now during this viral pandemic, we want you to be well taken care of. We are currently able to provide care to you in a number of ways:

Our patients are our priority.  Many of our offices are open.  Maintaining clean office environments have always been a priority of ours as well.  We have obviously increased the frequency of properly wiping down our waiting areas, doors, chairs, and patient rooms.  We are happy to see you.  As this is an evolving pandemic, we will continue to keep you informed.

We are also offering virtual/telemedicine visits allowing us the opportunity to talk face to face with you.  At this time, virtual visits have become increasingly popular.  It will be regarded as a billable visit to your insurance company.

One of the services we offer is called This is a video visit that can be conducted from your home via your computer or smart phone.  In some cases, we may suggest Face time and/or telephone consultations.

This virtual option is available for high-risk patients – or if you’re just nervous, we will try to accommodate you.

If you appropriately qualify for a telemedicine visit, you will then be sent a link that will allow you to communicate with your provider at a scheduled time.

Please call our office for all your needs so that we may set you up with the type of appointment that best suits your needs.

What to Expect at your Appointment

Your appointment will take place through your smartphone, tablet or computer, using your camera and microphone. You will connect with your provider through a secure video call using

How to Check in for my Appointment

After calling your office and scheduling your appointment, you will receive a url from your provider by text message or email to their specific virtual waiting room. Patients do not create accounts or download any software, all they need to do is click on the unique waiting room link and “check in.”

Your provider will start the call once you are in the waiting room checked in.

Preparing for your Telemedicine Appointment

Use Doxy pre-call test to make sure your speakers and camera are all setup and working.