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To Our PentaHealth Family

An Important Update Regarding Covid-19



The purpose of this message is to be informative, provide perspective, and suggest recommendations to our patients.  The Delta variant is currently the most dominant Covid-19 strain impacting the United States.  In an effort to maximize protection from the variant, here are a few items to keep in mind. Much of the data below was provided by Chester County Hospital/ University of Pennsylvania Health System:


  1.  As of August 10th, 2021, new Covid-19 cases have increased 17 fold since June 21, 2021.  This has been driven by the more transmissible Deltavariant, largely in the unvaccinated population.


  1.  Nationally, the Delta variant currently accounts for approximately 95% of the positive cases.  Since mid-July, closer to 100% of the positive cases in your area are a result of the Deltavariant.


  1. It is important to note that majority of positive cases in our area who are symptomatic andfully vaccinated fortunately present with mild (self-limiting) disease.  That being said, while fully vaccinatedindividuals can still acquire (and likely transmit) Covid-19, they are far less likely to require hospitalization or become critically ill as compared to similar unvaccinated individuals.


  1. The Delta variant will be the common topic of discussion over the next few weeks to months.  Again for those who are fully vaccinated, we generally expect the illness to be mild and self-limited.  Unvaccinatedindividuals may be at risk for more serious outcomes. At this time, the best protection for you if you are eligible is vaccination.